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Welcome to the website for the National Transition Support Team for the Transition Support Programme

Within this website you can find out more about the Transition Support Programme.

The Transition Support Programme ran from October 2008 – 31 March 2011.  This website contains all resources produced as part of the programme. In November 2011 a new government programme was announced. Find out more on the Preparing for Adulthood website

We will keep updating our new website that has been developed to house all materials produced as part of the Transition Support Programme, both locally, regionally and nationally. The Transition Information Network, Transition Resource Online is now live and continues to have materials added to it. 

The Transition Information Network’s website will also continue to be updated with policy developments, events, information about all aspects related to transition and information about membership of TIN.  


What is the Transition Support Programme?

Aiming High for Disabled Children (AHDC), launched in May 2007, is the government’s transformation programme for disabled children's services in England.

One of the issues identified in AHDC was that more work was needed to improve and co-ordinate services for disabled young people in transition to adult life. To address this, the government announced the Transition Support Programme, which would aim to raise the standards of transition in all local areas.

The Transition Support Programme consists of two main elements:

  • The National Transition Support Team, which coordinates the work with local authorities, PCTs, Named Advisers and existing experts; and 

  • Support for change at local level through a combination of direct grants and Named Advisers activity.

The Council for Disabled Children and partners are working as the National Transition Support Team for the Transition Support Programme. Please contact us if you would like further information or download our information sheet (updated June 2010).


Please note that we are not resourced to give direct advice to families and disabled young people. Please visit the links page for organisations that provide information, advice and support.


News Update

Year 3 TSP Regional Activity Report
Download a copy of the year 3 TSP Regional Activity Report. The report looks at regional activity local areas engaged in during the final year of the Transition Support Programme. It also highlights key learning points which can be used to support the design and delivery of coordinated networking opportunities in the future.
(14 July 2011)

Year 3 TSP Update
Local areas have received a letter today (31 January) informing them of their TSP Development Stage based on the results of their Self Assessment Questionnaire. 
(31 January 2011)

New case study: Warwickshire County Council
This case study describes how Warwickshire County Council developed a support brokerage model to support young people with autistic spectrum conditions who do not meet FACS criteria.
(25 January 2011)